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SANi Patent

What is a SANi patent?

A SANi* patent is a combination South African patent and Nigerian patent, covering the two Sub-Saharan African countries with the highest GDP and population.

Despite covering fewer countries than ARIPO or OAPI regional patents, the GDP covered by a SANi patent is greater than that of ARIPO and OAPI patents combined.

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Comparison of SANi, ARIPO and OAPI patents

PCT national phase deadline Nigeria - 30 months
South Africa - 34 months
31 months 30 months
Language English English English / French
Examination No Yes No. Expected during 2025
Time to issue certificate (est.) SA: 5-9 months
Nigeria: 3 months
32 months 12 months
Amendments after grant Yes (narrowing) Yes (narrowing) Only by patent of addition
Expected cost $875 (S&Z pricing for law firms)
($1,199 online)
7 States: $4,200
18 States: $5,520
Pre-payment of renewals (20yrs) Yes No Yes
Expected renewal cost (20yrs) $875 (prepaid, S&Z pricing for law firms)
($1015 online, prepaid)
7 States: $37,000
18 States: $88,000
Expected Lifetime cost $1,750 (S&Z pricing for law firms)
($2,214 online)
7 States: $41,200
18 States: $93,520
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How to file a SANi patent

SANi patents can be filed through:

South Africa






1. PCT Details


On filing, the specification must mirror the PCT application on file at WIPO.

Changes thereto (including changes to applicant details) may only be made after filing.

Using GlobalIPCo system Using S&Z
SANi Patent cost (filing to courier of certificates) $1,229* $875**

*Where 2 patents are included in a courier parcel; pricing is reduced to $1,174 where 4 patents are included in a courier parcel; law firms qualify for preferential pricing.

**Available to law firms

The Nigerian component of the SANi patent must be filed within 30 months of the PCT priority date, whereas the South African component may be delayed (at no additional cost) until 34 months from the PCT priority date.

Since SANi patents are not subject to examination, the cost from filing to courier of the certificate is fixed, and patent certificates can be issued within 6 months of filing.

At the end of the filing process, you will receive both a South African and a Nigerian patent certificate, each with a unique patent number.

Paying all 20 years of renewals upfront

Significantly reduce the lifetime cost of a SANi patent by paying all renewals for the 20-year term upfront for only $875 (S&Z pricing for law firms).

After pre-paying all renewals, no further action or payment is required to maintain the SANi patent in force for 20 years.

Vicennial Renewal

Amendment of SANi patents

SANi patents may be amended after grant to reduce the scope of the claims. A popular option is to delay amending the SANi patent until infringement proceedings are considered.

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*The SANi patent is not created by Treaty